Error with Flash SharedObject

Sometimes we face ActionScript error of this type while visiting a website having flash content:

An ActionScript error has occurred:
Error #2044: Unhandled NetStatusEvent:. level=error, code=SharedObject.Flush.Failed

This is because the flash content wants to store any data to your computer and you have not yet allowed it or any other web site’s flash content any disk space in your computer. You may have allowed say 100 KB later for those websites which you have not visited yet. But you haven’t allowed any disk space for those web sites which you have already visited.

You can control all these settings from Website Storage Settings panel and Global Storage Settings panel of Flash Settings Manager.


About K. M. Fazle Azim Babu

Hi, my name is Babu and I am currently work for Playdom on Social application/game development projects. I love to code and very much passionate about it. My field of interest includes programming languages, database programming, image processing, web technologies and biometrics. I am a great fan of Linux. Specifically I love Ubuntu and I use it all the time and have been for about 6 years now. My main works at the moment includes development of applications/games for social networks like Facebook using RESTful API, Javascript API, XFBML, FBML, FBJS, FQL etc. I have the ability to code almost anything(offcourse which is possible..may be tough but not impossible) and have good experience in C, C plus plus, Java, PHP and a few others. I am also highly familiar with databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL), networking, web technologies, graphics, image processing, NLP and other technologies. I have programmed under Linux, and Windows(though I don't like it ;)). I also have kind of a social life also :) I have a small number of all time best friends and I like to pass time with them. I like to travel, play table-tennis, cricket, watching movies, listening songs and reading books (not only e-books :D)
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